Backlinks: Are They Important for SEO?


Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are playing a bigger and more important role in Search Engine Positioning. In order for your websites to appear on first page of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN) without paid advertising or Pay Per Click (PPC), your website must have a large number of backlinks.

Backlinks are links from another website that lead back to your website. Backlinks from sites relevant to yours or that are perceived as authoritative sites have more potential value to your site. More established, high quality sites with higher “Page Rank’ linking back to your site have more authority to help the your website increase its search engine ranking.

In other words, if your website receives backlinks from high quality, relevant and authoritative sites with high Page Rank, their perceived value and site authority has the potential to be transferred to your site – giving your website a better chance of ranking in a higher position on major Search Engines.

How do you generate high quality backlinks to your website?

Writing and submitting online articles
There are many free article repositories that allow you to post informational material about any given subject. The article in turn is used by other website owners with an author credit and backlink to your website. Well-written and topical or more popular the articles, generally receive more backlinks from other websites.

Try These Article Directories

Posting on forums, making comments on blogs
Participating in forum or commenting on blogs are great tools for website owners involved in online communities or who are avid blog followers.
• Find some forums or blogs that interest you or are relevant to your website or business,
• Sign up and create a member profile with a links back to your website,
• If possible use the ‘signature’ option to create a backlink,
• Your comments should add value to the discussion.

Remember though you are now representing your company, business or brand, so choose your posts and comments wisely.

Submitting your website to directories such as DMOZ, “The Open Directory”
DMOZ is one of the largest directories, which is maintained by human editors. A web site listing in DMOZ is an important part of having a web site rank well in Google, because Google uses DMOZ results in its own directory.

Bookmarking Websites
Social Bookmarking websites such as Digg and StumbleUpon can benefit you in a number of ways. Social bookmarking can create instant traffic at the time the website is submitted. These sites index stories roughly every 15 minutes, which means quicker traffic generation. They also create high quality backlinks.

Keep in mind when submitting an article it must have value and be of interest or it’s looked upon as spamming and get you banned from the Social Bookmarking website. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t submit your website more than once every few months and it’s a good idea to follow up with relevant material linking to other websites as well. This strategy lends itself to your website being perceived as a valuable, objective resource by other members as opposed to a spammer.

Generating backlinks involves a comprehensive strategy and you must be consistent in its implementation. As more and more backlinking is a key factor in increasing your website ranking and driving traffic to your website, it doesn’t pay to cut corners.

As always, a foundational concept of high-ranking websites is good quality and consistently updated web content. Without quality content and good website structure you will struggle with visitor retention and building trust and site authority..

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